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At NSN Dual Management Service, we understand the importance of cost savings for our clients. Our simple yet effective Dual Management Service is designed with your budget in mind. With our service, you can benefit from savings on VAT, recruitment fees, HR support, control room support, and dedicated management support.

Our tailored approach ensures that there are no hidden costs and you receive a flat fee that is transparent and predictable. Our dedicated team of professionals is fully committed to each project, regardless of its size. We strive to provide high-quality management services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Why NSN? 

The staff supply dual management scheme is a system where a company hires Staffing Management from an external staffing agency while also maintaining its own internal staff pool. This dual management approach allows the company to have flexibility in staffing based on its needs.

Benefits of the staff supply dual management scheme include:

1. Flexibility: The company can easily adjust its workforce as per its requirements. In times of high demand or increased workload, the company can rely on the staffing agency to provide additional staff. Conversely, during slower periods or when there is a need to cut costs, the company can rely on its internal staff pool and reduce reliance on external staff.

2. Cost Efficiency: By utilising a combination of internal and external staff, the company can optimise its costs. Hiring external staff on-demand allows the company to avoid fixed costs such as salaries, benefits, and training expenses associated with permanent employees. Meanwhile, the internal staff pool provides stability in core functions and reduces the need for constant recruitment.

3. Specialised Expertise: With a dual management scheme, the company can tap into the expertise and skills of specialised personnel from the staffing agency. This can be particularly beneficial for short-term projects or tasks that require specific knowledge or experience.

4. Back-up Plan: Having both internal and external staff ensures that the company has a contingency plan in case of unexpected absences or emergencies. If internal staff members are unavailable, the staffing agency can quickly provide replacement workers to ensure minimal disruption to operations.




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